Goodbye Shame

Hello Wild Woman 

"Goodbye Shame"

Goodbye Fear

Goodbye Lack 

Hello Love 

Hello Peace

Hello Justice 

It's time to live free Family!

Mind, Body and Spirit!

The art, videos and workshops that you find on this site are here to help you move closer to your personal journey to freedom, wholeness and well being. 

I don't have it ALL figured out. - No way! However, as I grow in my personal power, I share with you my art journey and practice to inspire you to live a truly inspired life - free of fear, shame, regret and discord. 

Jump in my friend, dive deep, explore, experiment and blossom in this wonderful world of art. 

Rise Woman Product Pics

Write the vision down and Make it plain

Writing your positive affirmations down and speaking them aloud everyday is a great way to see the desires of your heart manifest in real life! 

I currently have 2 sets of affirmation cards for sale

1. Figurative Set

2. Abstract Art Set

Each set comes with blank lines on the back for you to write your visions, dreams and positive affirmations for your life down and get to work manifesting!

 1 Power and Peace Cards Product Pic.JPG

Videos, Workshops and Classes

Join me on Patreon and get exclusive access to my growing collection of art demos, classes and workshops. 

Plus extra special offers for aspiring artists and collectors! 

Not sure if this is right for you? 

Reach out to me personally and I will be in touch!