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Business for Creatives and Artists

How to Organize, Strategize and Focus - So That You Can Live

Live Creatively and Financially Free!

Are you ready to M.A.S.T.E.R. your creative career?

In Creatives and Artists, we deep dive into my unique Framework M.A.S.T.E.R.  in order to help you achieve creative and artistic success and financial freedom

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Your Creative Career


In this very first section of the course, you will learn how to set up your service or offering as a professional business within the market. We will take a look at your offerings, evaluating them with a critical eye and breaking down the numbers to ensure that you are positioning yourself for success. 


We will also dive deep into understanding who your target audience is and what you have to offer them.  In this section of the course we will evaluate what you have to offer, how to understand your unique niche and how to identify your target audience so that you can stop wasting time, energy and resources and instead, get your offerings in front of the right people who want and truly need what you are offering.​


Topics Covered:

  • Setting up or reviewing your organizational structure

    • creating your LLC​

    • obtaining your EIN and DUNS #

    • how to begin building business credit

  • Products and Offerings

    • segmenting your offerings​

    • breaking down your numbers (THIS IS THE NITTY GRITTY)

  • Identifying and Understanding Your Niche Market

    • What EXACTLY is your unique niche​

  • Identifying and Understanding Your Target Audience

    • age​

    • cultural identifiers

    • personal preferences

    • leaders in target audience

    • and more...


In this section of the course we will now begin to move past talking about it and move on to Being About It!

As stated before, just like any other business, the success of your art career will lie in how well you are able to market your work.

In this section of the course we will dive right into how to market for visual artists.  One of the keys to being successful as a visual artist and creative lies in developing an automated system around your creativity so that you can spend more time creating and less time selling.

Topics Covered

  • Developing Your Online Marketing Strategy

  • How to Super Charge Your Marketing For Your Creative Offerings


In this section of the course we explore how to create and foster creative opportunities that are not based solely upon your production effort, but rather from the fruit of your creative labor. In this section we will cover how to develop creative programming such as licensing, online art courses and Creative Collaborations. 


Topics Covered:

  • Licensing

  • Online Art Courses

  • Creative Collaborations

Talk About It

In this section of the course we dive deep into the networking section of the course we deep dive into networking for introverts and artists. We throw out traditional networking practices and dive into networking to create real and authentic connections which can lead to sales and amazing opportunities for you and your art.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Develop Authentic Connections and Conversations Around Your Art

  • Online Networking for Artists


In this section of the course, you will learn to critique your process and what is working and not working in your creative career and business.  

Run With It!

Scaling Your Business

In this section of the course you will learn about ways to gain cost-effective help to help you organize and grow your business. You will learn about how to work with Virtual Assistants, Third Party Printing Companies and More. 

Pay in Full BONUS

Pay in Full and Receive a Live One on One Portfolio Review and Critique of Your Work. 

We will spend 1 hour taking a deep dive and look into what makes your work great and identify areas of improvement. 

It's Your Time!

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How to Get to the Bag- Art and Business LIVE Group Coaching

How to Get to the Bag- Art and Business LIVE Group Coaching