In this class you will learn so many valuable and powerful painting lessons and techniques such as color mixing, blending, layering, how to apply various textures, creating strong contrast and using all kinds of different supplies and materials such as fluid acrylics, inks and foils.

We will create three paintings in this class. Each painting will build upon the skills and techniques learned in the previous lesson and ultimately get you to a place where you can create vibrant paintings in your own style!


Session Dates

Session 1 - Saturday Oct. 17th

Session 2 - Sunday Oct. 18th

Session 3 - Saturday October 25th

Session 4 - Sunday November 1st

NEW BONUS Sessions Added

BONUS Session 5 - Sat. TBD (these dates are based upon what works best for the group)

BONUS Session 6 - Sun. TBD


SPECIAL EARLY BIRD BONUS - Sign up before August 25th and receive a special one on one Zoom session with me to get live feedback and help.



Session Times: 12 noon - 2 p.m. Central Standard Time


Supply List

Paints (specific color list will be provided with course welcome letter)

4- 5 Long Handled Acrylic Brushes (sizes 8-12)

Water Conatiner



Learn How to Create Contrast and Blending Techniques

  • How to set up your palette and work space

  • Create varying shades of any color and

  • Create two contrast and blending charts

  • How to turn 1 -dimensional flat shapes into 2-dimensional paintings using simple techniques.


Learn How to Paint in Color using Layers and Blending

  • Create three paintings in full color using layering and blending

  • we will use acrylic paints, inks, blending medium, foils and so much more!


Learn How to Use Texture in Your Paintings for Thick and Rich Effects and Finishes

  • Explore textures, mediums and other found objects to create rich, thick and visually interesting paintings

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