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You Are Not Alone

Myesha Francis 


Hi fellow artist! You are not alone. Trust me, I know that there can be many lonely and frustrating nights with only your canvas, paints and dreams to keep you warm. 

In the artist's realm, we talk about the highs and lows of being an artist and the confusion of figuring out the art world and oh - the dreaded pricing. 

No worries - we have your back in The Realm!  Join us here where artists and their visions come to share, learn and grow. 

Support Support Support

The Artist's Realm FB Group is a special place for new and emerging artists where we share, support, critique and shout out the amazing things we all are doing. 

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Every Monday -share your latest completed work or WIP to get valuable feedback and critiques

1st Wednesday of the Month - Live Art and Business Topic with Myesha and other Industry experts.

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Art and Business for New and Emerging Artists: 

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