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Work with Me!

I help conscious creatives and artists

  • level up in their art practice

  •  make more money and

  • unfold into their full creative and earning potential.

I do this by helping them to create, organize and grow their marketing systems and art business.

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" I don't just tell you what you need to know, I SHOW YOU how to do it!"

"I am here to help you unfold your artistic vision, evolve into your highest creative self and maximize your earning potential through your creative gift " 

It’s a Process y’all! As artists, we learn, we grow, we dip, we evolve. We sell a work of
Painting Supplies

Who This Session is Perfect For

  • New Artist

  • Mid-Career Artist

  • Art Retreat Hosts

  • Artists who are Confused About the Art Market

  • Artists who Need Help With Pricing

  • Artists who would like to know more about how to make passive income from their art through things such as licensing and automated order fulfillments.